Our family home is by the sea – distant from any cities or towns. It is surrounded by meadows and pine forest. The path to the beach connects our home to the nearby Baltic Sea and crosses the beautiful meadows.  Every time we take a walk along this path my daughters never miss an opportunity to stop and pick beautiful wild flowers. This floral discovery, which comprises both precious moments with our children and the natural, wild beauty all around, has become one of our family’s treasured traditions that we would like to pass onto the next generation.

I had considered the idea of special white baby bedding for many years that would be cherished from one generation to the next.  Once, when our family took this special walk, I had a moment of inspiration of what I had always wished for – to bring the spirit of the meadow to my daughter’s cradle. I thought that the most appropriate way would be to embroider wild flowers onto baby bed linen. I started by choosing flowers to draw and thus step by step my dreams started to become reality.


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MeadowMe Natural Bedding

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MeadowMe Natural Bedding

Bērna spilvens ar spilvendrānu


MeadowMe Natural Bedding

Mazuļa spilvens ar spilvendrānu


MeadowMe Natural Bedding

Organic baby bedding gift set


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