Life can rush by so fast.. sometimes you just need to sit down and enjoy the moment…

That is the reason why HammockChair decided to offer people something that would help to stop for a while and relax. And what could be better than doing it in a comfortable hammock chair in the peacefulness and coziness of your home.

Each hammock chair is handmade in Latvia by Indra Eglīte, and every chair is made with much love and effort in making them so that every chair is comfortable, high-quality and with a good vibe. The materials I used are joy to touch and eye. The crossbars are collected in the Latvian forests or near the Baltic Sea, usually together with family so each one is unique and with its own character. 

Don’t hesitate and order also one for yourself and your family so that some love, peace and harmony can enter your home, porch or garden!

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